Hi everyone, Well it has certainly been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve made a promise to myself and to my friends that I would get back to it, especially because more of my friends have gotten engaged (YAY!) and some are married/trying to have babies (YAY! again!) My goal with posting about my […]

This is probably the most hyped up part of getting engaged – the ringggggggg. Most people usually need some sort of help or inspiration to figure out exactly what kind of ring you want – I mean everyone knows that they want a big blingy diamond ring but most people are surprised to find out just how […]

Alright, you’ve soaked in the moment, posted your pictures/selfies, contacted your friends and family and now you’re really thinking “ok, now what?!” There are a few things I’d do immediately if you haven’t already done them: 1) create a pinterest/start a wedding board on pinterest, 2) follow a ton of wedding/bride/dress designers on instagram, 3) figure […]

I remember the exact moment after Devin proposed to me – after the tears stopped streaming and a million pictures and selfies had been taken we looked at each other and literally said “Now what?!” 1. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! Of course you have to call your parents and grandparents if you’re lucky enough to […]

Hey! I thought I’d start with sharing more details about what I have planned for the Grigg Guide. I’m not really sure if anyone is interested in my perspective on life but I decided I really wanted to document things for myself and perhaps they will be helpful to someone else and that’s how the idea to […]






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